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1 year ago

genuine fusion of three braided hair

The bundle with real hair wig hair tied into a side ponytail together, then real hair wig hair bundle and made three braided strand of Full lace wigs.

STEP.2 turn around a fixed tail

The programmed hair rubber band tied to the tail end after use, turn around a fixed point in the cauda equina to use hairpin fixed.

STEP.3 catch a bow shape

Adjustment programmed hair, in the middle of a bow grab appearance, then black Front lace wigs clips can be fixed.


1 year ago

Short hair Price 120 about yuan, long Brazilian virgin hair price of 200 yuan

Short hair Price 120 about yuan, long Brazilian virgin hair price of 200 yuan.

 It is understood that the market there are synthetic virgin human hair, high temperature wire wig and human hair wig sales, human hair wig effect, though the most realistic nature, but the price is too high, followed by sales of the best is the high temperature wire wig, short hair Price 120 about yuan, long hair price of 200 yuan.

This spring and summer Bond (Bond) fashion virgin human hair for the beauty of the ladies carefully build a highly perfect - lotus head fashion Full lace wigs shining debut. Famous actress Fan Bingbing fashion in Paris earlier this month, will wear the latest fashion Bond "lotus head" wig, shot in front of foreign reporters grab the limelight. Visible this year to lead the fashion leading hairstyles This is it the lotus head is pear head BOB head and an upgraded version looks much like the sharp-edged lower on a lotus leaf width, head back along the sides and a touch of the big waves, close to the cheek part with buckle side to finishing, light, relax, lovely, creating a whole aesthetic. More dazzling sense of natural ventilation is the key to the lotus leaf and head.